4th of July Fashion

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It is probably because my Grandad was a World War II hero that my deep love for this country burns within.  He is 95 years old, and I still see the intense feelings of commitment to our country when he talks about the battles he fought for our freedom.  I could not be more proud of our heritage and grateful for the sacrifices our previous generations made for the freedoms we are enjoying today.


Grandad’s poudest moment in World War II was meeting General MacArthur after he led the paratroopers in the Battle of Corregidor. This photo sits on his dresser.

Granddad after Corregidor


With that being said… I could wear Americana year round! 4th of July Fashion is one of my absolute FAVORITES!!!  I love everything about it!  Have I used enough exclamation points for you?  I will be sporting our new red leather with EVERYTHING this weekend. Ask your local retailer for red STS Ranchwear or check out STSRanchwear.com.


Double D Ranch nails their Americana line every year.  I can never resist a piece from their collection.  Here are a few of my FAVS from this year and years past… Check out their website in this year’s Summer Collection for more.


Here are a few pics of Americana Double D from years past.  I think the amazing One Nation skirt and summer serape are still on the Double D Warehouse Sale RIGHT NOW.


Have a great weekend guys!  We are playing in an All-Star Baseball tournament this weekend and then a little time off to enjoy watermelon, family, and freedom.  Go Bobcats!

Squeeze your family tight and thank a soldier/veteran.


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