Bosu Ball Exercise to Benefit Roping

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The Bosu ball is a great piece of exercise equipment and I like to incorporate it in many different ways to workout. I have created this specific workout to help with roping. There are three parts and benefits to this workout. The first thing, and most important thing is balance. Balance is so crucial for being able to execute any move. The second part is strengthening the legs and the core. Being on the Bosu engages everything from your shoulders right down to your legs. The legs feed the wolf. If you don’t know what that means, you most likely have weak legs! I like to workout legs three times a week. The last and third part and benefit to this workout is it helps train you mentally. It is easy to get comfortable roping a dummy. The dummy is stationary and you are stationary. When you get on the back of a horse there is more than being stationary that comes to play. There is movement and rhythm. The Bosu ball simulates that movement and rhythm and makes you focus on what you’re doing. You need to stay focused on that dummy while you are wobbling to stay on the Bosu. Most people’s distractions are within six feet of themselves. There should be nothing within six feet to distract me. The focus should be approximately twelve feet away, that being the calf.

Having laid out the three parts and benefits here is the workout.

  1. For beginners to this exercise set the Bosu ball bubble side down and flat side up  and set the roping dummy  so the back is about 4 feet from the ball.
  2. Start with both feet on the flat part of the Bosu. As you get comfortable with that you can start with placing one foot in the center and holding up the other off.
  3. Swing ten times. At first you may not be able to do ten swings, but you’ll build up
  4. After you do ten swings, rope, follow through, pull slack , pitch it. You should be able to complete this whole set with both feet on the flat side of the Bosu before trying to do it one legged.

Your focus should be on the dummy the whole time. Even if you are falling off. Never lose focus. The biggest mistake for beginner ropers is to lean too far forward with their upper body and arm. You will know if you are doing this because you will fall forward immediately. The goal is to become balanced. This exercise will benefit your total balance in the saddle.

Once you have mastered the Bosu being bubble side down, flip it over. Stand on the bubble side and complete this series all over again. The level you reach in your roping is determined by the hours you spend behind the dummy. All of the great ropers you have seen today have probably spent countless hours roping a dummy.

Until next time, see you down the line.

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  • Russell Edwards says:

    Well as I continue to better my roping abilities I have come to a understanding that im going to have to strengthen my core an get better balance thanks for the tip

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