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I have had so many questions about building STS Ranchwear and how our vision has grown beyond that to be a successful brand.   I kind of scratch my head too at times. We reached our 5 years goals and the end of 2 years, and just keep growing. It’s been an unbelievable journey and blessing to watch the brand explode and grow beyond our expectations.

STSBR0315-403_blogAll successful ventures in my life have been built around relationships. This has been no exception
to the rule. I still remember Jen and I sitting at a table with our partner and friend, Chad Fairchild to create, brand, and write our mission statement for what is now STS Ranchwear.   We all had a vision of creating a lifestyle brand true to our values of integrity, dedication, hard work, commitment, and built around tradition.


There have been a few things that I feel have really helped to catapult the brand.

STSBR0315-834 copy

Quality Product – ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS! I want something that can withstand long hours of work in and out of the saddle. Jen has worked for years now to make sure the leathers and serapes of her bags are the highest quality. If they are not, we work to fix them. Chad always tells people that he never knows what condition our samples come back from the ranch looking like. We test everything on the ranch before it goes into production.


A True Lifestyle Brand – I AM a 4th generation cowboy. We live this lifestyle everyday. It truly is more than the romance for me. It has to be authentic. People can smell a fake 2 miles away.

Partners and People
– Everyone on our team believes in the brand, the product, and the lifestyle.   STSBR0315-823 blogEveryone throughout the entire chain, from development to shipping takes pride in the brand and what we are doing. I always joke and say that I am just a crash test dummy, but in reality I am very particular about everything we do, from display fixtures all the way to the kind of zippers we use. This is not something we hand off      to someone to handle. We feel it is very important to be hands on.


I just want to personally thank everyone that has supported us on this venture. We are so grateful that you see the value in the western way of life. We love our customers because we believe you are our people.

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Until next time, God Bless and I’ll see you down the line,


Stran T

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  • Stephen Floyd says:

    You are for sure right about one thing relationships are the bond that makes any venture work. It is really cool that you are able to work so closely with your family as well. My wife got me one of your brands wool jackets for christmas and I know it is quality when I wear it and several people have commented on how good it looks.I know It tge jacket cause its not me. 🙂
    Keep up all the great work!

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