Chalk Paint Bookshelf Makeover

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I am a big fan of updating old furniture! So when Selah got a new “big girl bed” I thought it was the perfect time to update her old wooden bookshelves in a chalk paint bookshelf makeover. I painted the shelves with chalk paint and used scrapbook paper for the back of the shelves. Below are the easy steps to recreate this look for any piece of furniture that may be needing an updated look!

Step 1:

Use sand paper on the raw piece of furniture to scratch the surface and give the chalk paint a surface to stick. I use medium to fine grade sand paper.

Step 2:

Using a fine bristled pain brush paint your first layer of chalk paint. Now a little paint goes a long way. Depending on the consistency of the paint it could take up to 4 coats of paint until you don’t see the wood anymore. I knew I was going to go over the whole bookshelf with white so I wasn’t too entirely concerned on having full coverage. So I only did 2 coats if pink. Selah was a great helper at this stage.

Step 3:

After the pink was dry I went over the entire book shelf with white. As I went along I rubbed off the white paint with a damp cloth on the parts where I wanted the pink to show through.

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Step 4:

I took scrap book paper and quartered each page into equal squares. Then I laid out the squares on the back of the bookshelf. I didn’t do any type of pattern because I wanted it to be kind of a patchwork type feel. Next I took Modge Podge adhesive and painted it onto the wood then laid the paper over it. I used a flat bladed scraper to smooth out the paper so there were no air bubbles. After all the squares were laid and glued down I painted a think layer of the Modge Podge adhesive over top.

Step 5:

I felt like the sides needed a little more embellishment so I had these paisley stencils that I wanted to use to create some depth. I took the stencil and stenciled in a dark turquoise first. I made sure the brush was not too saturated with paint so there were clean lines and there wasn’t too much bleeding under the stencil. The key is to keep the brush as dry as possible. Remember, it is Shabby Chic so don’t worry too much about bleed or minor mess ups.When the first color was dry I decided to use a lighter color to lay on top. I off set the stencil a bit so it gave the paisley a shadowed look. I used the same technique as the first layer and stenciled in the lime green. I was really happy with the outcome!

Step 6:

I used a combination of clear and dark wax as a finishing coat on both of the pieces to give it a distressed, aged look.  Give the wax about 8 hours to cure.


 Stran with Protein (60 of 179)

Here is the final product! Selah was pretty happy with it too 😉

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