Pin Up Girl Conceal Carry Campaign

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When I first started designing handbags the conceal carry pocket was just an additional accessory, but we’ve grown to realize that more and more women are carrying handguns. The conceal carry pocket has become a major selling point for our bags. Ive have always been obsessed with Gil Elvgren’s old cowgirl pin ups and thought it would a creative way to educate our customers and promote the conceal carry pocket. We had so much fun with this concept and photographing our own pinup girl. It was a little more work than we anticipated and included hand making a skirt, but the images speak for themselves! I found this amazing filter for photoshop. It creates the illusion that your photos are paintings. Below I put the images side by side with the unedited photo on the left and the photo with the filter on the right. You can find all of our conceal carry handbags on and at many western retailers!

Gil Elvgren Pinups

STS Ranch Pinup Girl

Some More Fun Shots!

Behind The Scenes  It was fun watching Chenae try to handle the gun! hehehe 🙂

STS Ranch Pin Up |

Stran was coaching Chenae on how she should pose in her hat after he shaped it for her!

The finished product! STS Ranchwear standup mascots at our Denver and Dallas Showrooms!

STS Ranch Pin Up |

Big thank you to Chenae Vest, our lovely model, for channeling her inner Pin Up Girl 😉

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  • Molly Choat says:

    This is for Stran T. I don’t know if you remember me, Molly Knox from Quanah. Gary Knox’s little sister. The one who locked you in the saddle compartment at a roping in Childress when we were little. I was mad b/c you wouldn’t make a mud pie with me. Its great to see you guys doing so well. Ran into your dad at the hospital a while back and he looked great. I’d love to hear from Ce, mom and dad said they see her once in a while. I just happen to click on this and there you were, all grown up!

  • Hello! My name is Bernie Fisher from Dottie’s we heard of Carroll Companies at the WESA Show. We ended up buying your purses and we just love your products they are so fitting for our store and our style and complement our boots! We have been in the middle of such a change from just being online selling our boot line exclusively to beginning to open up our first store. During this change we have been wanting to update our website so it complements all of our new products not just our boots. We really admire your website and we were wondering if you had any advice? Do you maintain the website yourself or do you go through a company? Would love any advice you could share and we really love your company and looking forward to continuing to work with you! Thank you!

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