The Difference with Matt and Kendal Hagee

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A couple of weeks ago, we had the honor of being guests on “The Difference with Matt and Kendal Hagee.  What a great experience with some great people.

A long time ago, someone told me that you can always tell great leaders by the people that they choose to surround themselves by. Everyone, from the production team to the pastor hosting our trip, was so sincere and eager to make sure we had everything we needed. I believe thatspeaks for John Hagee, Matt and Kendal, and their ministry. Many can preach, but what you live speaks volumes through the people that spend everyday with you. Be a light… everyday. You never know who is watching, listening, and following your example.


Isn’t it amazing how God gives you blessings in the midst of the chaotic life we create. My short time at John Hagee Ministries was just that… a blessing. An unexpected blessing also came in the form of a new friendship with one of the Pastors there at Cornerstone, Phillip Fortenberry and his wife, Judy.   Phillip, a former Green Beret and ranch manager, told me his story of a hard childhood and miraculous healing. His passion for Christ and his ministry was truly inspiring. Philip has taken what he learned in the darkness and is sharing it in the light by creating a ministry of retreats and Survival trips with Cornerstone Church called Reconciliation Encounters.


The Encounter Weekend is an opportunity for individuals seeking a closer relationship with God and man. Sometimes in the life of the believer certain emotions will keep us bound in hurt, anger, bitterness, depression or unresolved issues of the past. An Encounter Weekend experience encourages people to dig deep to find the root and source of origin to work through some of these emotions. Philip says, “You cannot conquer what you will not confront.”  God speaks and heals through other peoples’ stories.  Phillip is truly doing that.

Special Thanks to everyone at John Hagee Ministries.  They are letting God use the ministry with so many avenues.  They taped several shows that day and there were guests of every walk of life. But every one of them had a central theme.  God is sovereign, loving, and good.  No matter what your background is or what your goals are, God can work through you.

Check out John Hagee Ministries, the Reconciliation Encounters, and The Difference with Matt and Kendal.


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Special Thanks to Kellie Carr for coming and taking great pictures and helping with Selah Sparkles.

Special Thanks to our good friend, Kellie Carr for coming and taking gret pictures and helping with Selah Sparkles.

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