Getting Ready for Spring Branding

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Stran and Papa

Stran and Papa

Seems like Spring branding has been coming earlier and earlier each year. I remember when I was a kid it would be the first of June when we worked our calves. Now we are working them the first of March. I remember spring branding when I was a kid. I was so excited I could hardly sleep. My job

was to wake up and get dressed, and make sure I could eat as much as I could possibly eat that morning even though it would be about 5-5:30. The reason for that is you may not eat again until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Most all of my life we might have had 1 or 2 people outside of my immediate family that would help. A lot of times if wasn’t that. The help would be me, my dad, my granddad, my brother, and maybe one of my sisters. Once we got in the pasture all I thought about and my main job was DO NOT GET LOST. It was rough country and a lot of places you could get caught in. There might only be 5 or 6 of us horseback in a 2 or 3 thousand acre pasture. You had to pay attention to where you were. You could ride somewhere between 3 to 10 miles that day. I can say now that at 10 and 11 years old I was a pretty good ranch hand because I had

Clifton, Stran, Smitty, Will T

Clifton, Stran, Smitty, Will T

to be. I didn’t have anybody telling me “hey did you see that cow over there” I just had to know. And at the same time I was looking for the cows I had to make sure I knew where the guys were. I never really knew it but my dad and granddad always knew where I was. They always had an eye on me. They knew the land, knew the country, they knew where they were sending me. Its crazy how they were abel to keep up with me before cell phones and walkie talkies unlike today!

Now this takes on a whole new meaning to me of what my dad and my granddad did back then now STSBR0315-309that I am running the show. They have always been my heroes but now even more so because I can appreciate all that they did! The preparation that goes into it. Ordering your medicine, getting horses lined up, getting horses saddled, getting trailers ready to go. I think its so important that my boys get in on this. Its more than just teaching them to know how to do the work, but its an opportunity to pass the heritage down through them. Notice I said through them not to them. Because I expect them to pass this down into their kids. We still do it what I consider the best way on our ranch, and that’s the old school way. I’m all about modern technologies, but till somebody can show me a way to work 60 head in less than an hour we are gunna keep dragging them to the fire with a horse. I’ll never forget what my granddad would say when they were bringing me a big wild one around the neck to the fire and I’d stick him on the ground. He’d holler out “Thats the way I woulda done it!”.



Grandkids with their Grandale!


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