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photo-2Fitness had always been a part of my life, but I believe I had a warped sense that fitness was a destination, not a way of life.  I was always trying to be in a certain size jean or meet a certain weight.  When Stran had a potentially career ending shoulder injury in 2006, God brought a family into our lives that helped me personally understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Stran came back stronger than ever, and our family is healthier than ever.  It is amazing how your perspective can change your life.  Now I don’t even get on the scale.  God created us to be the best we can be for Him.  That includes mental, spiritual, and physical… It is all about balance.

My alarm typically goes off at 4:45AM every morning, so I can get in the gym by 5:30AM.  This time has become my favorite time of the day.  It’s time alone to focus on God, get a good workout in, and prepare me for a busy day. When you are on the road, you have to be very disciplined to get a workout in.  On traveling days, we try to use our pit stops wisely. We get ourselves a workout in when we stop and get horses out, running hills and doing calisthenics.  We probably put on quite a show for other travelers.

DSC_7051As for diet, we don’t diet.  We just try to follow a “Clean” eating plan most of the time. The closer your foods are to the minimally processed side, the closer you are to eating clean.  It’s really just about eating healthier.  We cut out as many simple carbs, as possible: white potatoes, white sugar, white rice, and white breads. Stran and I both grew up eating southern comfort food, so I have tried to find ways to alter favorite recipes to make them healthy for my family.  My kids even help in the kitchen.  We find pride in creating a healthy yummy dish. I believe the key for dedicating to a nutritional lifestyle on the road is PLANNING.  Always have a stash of something you can fall back on, so you don’t get in a bind and your only choice is fast food or junk.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf I can just get myself physically UP out of bed and into the gym, it is amazing how that time directs the rest of the day.  It provides a sense of accomplishment everyday, and leaves me ready to tackle a new day.

I vary my workout depending on where I am, but I try to include cardio and weight training in every workout.  We travel with our mountain bikes on the road and love to find a new trail in every town or city.  I try not to get too regimented with my workout. If I do, I will get frustrated when “THAT” workout is not possible on the road.

I want to take the opportunity to use this blog to share some of my favorite clean eating recipes that families will love and exercises that help me stay fit in my busy lifestyle.

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  • jerri ann smith says:

    This is the one story that I hang on to. If you can do it then I believe that I can do it too! So I am going to take your lead and get up. Love you Jennifer smith.

  • Stacy says:

    Great inspirational story! Do you take any supplements? Anything you recommend?

  • Kelli Forrest says:

    I am just starting to eat clean, slowly getting things out of my diet that are not healthy. I have struggled with weight most of my adult life, I am very active but struggle with food. Thank you for sharing, you are such an inspiration – YOU ROCK!

  • katy wilfong says:

    Something I struggle with daily. As a girl i grew up doing alot of physical labor around the ranch and was very active. We butchered our own stock and i ate very healthy because vetables from the garden was what we had. I never thought twice about it. When i moved off the ranch i was no longer “exercising” id never been to the gym except sports in high school before and was now eating fast food and junk. It didnt take long to pack on some weight. I was always tired. I thought how strange, i was getting more sleep not getting up early to feed bulls, or hauling hay, why was i so tired? Im still struggling with the commitment to a healthy life style but i have came so far from where i was. The hardest was getting up early for myself, it was easier to do, i think, when i knew animals depended on me.

  • Jocelyn mcClellan says:

    Such an inspiration truly! I love what you post on your blog and your recipes too! I don’t know how 4:45am is even doable;) haha! I’m tired for you just thinking about it;) thanks again!

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