My Little Pony Ride Party

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Sooo…   My Little Pony Ride Party!  Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest?!  I want to love birthday parties, but they are SO MUCH work!  Finally, after 3 kiddos and LOTS of birthday parties, I am trying to be smart and limit the work to a few statement decorations and activities.  My new solution is Sunday afternoon birthday parties.  Cake, cookies, and ponies make everyone happy, especially 15 little girls!  Selah insisted on Girls Only, and Stran is hoping that will continue for the next 15 years!

My Little Pony Ride Party was Selah’s creation.  I told a friend that I had about exhausted the pony ride theme, and she came up with a new one… Sheriif Callie!  So be expecting that theme next year, if Birthday Girl approves.

Selah 5 Birthday Invite_blog

I used my hack Photoshop skills and some free clipart to create an invitation.

Hay from the feed room, Selah’s My Little Pony toys, and Selah’s girlie queen sized sheets made easy tablescapes… Oh and Decor Mesh, don’t forget Deco Mesh!!!

Balloons have become my new cheap statement and I love how my DIY Balloon Rainbow turned out.  It was literally 8 different colors of balloons and some floral wire to tie them all together.  With the brothers’ balloon blowing skills, we had it done in about an hour.

Scout was less than thrilled about the ponies’ tulle ribbon mane, but the girls loved it!

The guys were such good sports! It was probaby not the way they wanted to spend a Sunday afternoon, but you would never know it!

We got the biggest kick out of Stran’s high dollar ropin horse, Daniel and the Aussies.  They thought the girls were there just for them!!!

I found this great printable for Pin the Tail on Rainbow Dash on Etsy and had it printed at Office Max for 20 bucks.

Are all kids obsessed with piñatas the way way my kiddos are?!  That’s another great use for a kid rope, though.  At least Stran didn’t hang the pony by a kid rope noose this year.

My “Go-to-Girl” for cakes and cookies is Holly Moya at Cakes By Holly.  We are so lucky to have someone in this small town so amazing.  We have a joke going that we would like to find holidays to have an excuse to or her cookies! Flag Day. President’s Day. International Women’s Day! YES!

My Little Pony Ride Party. Jennifer Smith. Selah Smith |

Whew! 4PM means “OH Happy Day!” for me. Girls happy! My Little Pony Ride Party Over and a success! Can’t believe my baby girl is 5!  Thanks to all the special friends that made her birthday special to her.  We love you all dearly.

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