STS Ranch Rope by Cactus Ropes

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About 4 years ago I started talking with Mike and Barry at Cactus Ropes about making a ranch rope. At the time Cactus didn’t make a ranch rope for retail. I had been using my old Destiny calf ropes on the ranch. I drug calves and doctored, and its been known to rope a wild hog or two (that was just for fun). So it got me to thinking what would it take to make the Destiny into a better ranch rope. Simply add 8 feet to it and make it a little bit harder lay, which added one more coil and a little more tail. Hence the STS Ranch Rope was born. I use an extra soft to rope calves with, but I prefer a regular soft for my ranch rope. It gives it a little more body and not quite as limber, which helps whenever you’re drawing calves. And everybody knows whenever I’m trying to heel I need all the help I can get. If you’re roping a cow or a bull it needs to be able to open up and have enough weight that it’ll drop down so you can get them around the neck instead of the top of the head. With it being a 4 strand the crowns are smaller and that serves 2 different purposes for me. One the rope is smoother and feels better in your hand. Two it makes it last longer and hold its body longer. The great thing about these ropes is wherever you take them off the rack and swing it for the first time you’re gonna like it. The more you use it and the older it gets the better it feels. Ive used this rope for pretty much everything you can use it for. Ive roped and drug calves with it, roped yearling, tripped steers, I’ve used it to catch my horses, and I’ve stretched a few wild pigs out with it too. And I’ve heard rumor that its been thrown at a few deer. Cant say whether it caught or not because as you well know roping deer is highly against the law.

Rope Specs:

  • 4 strand
  • 100% poly
  • length: 35 feet
  • diameter: 10.5
  • find this rope on


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