STS Resistol Straw Hat

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I know its right in the middle of straw hat season, but I am really proud of my STS Resistol Straw Hat. I recently got a report that this hat has been the top seller in straw hats this summer. There are two different styles. One with with a leather sweat band, which is the Ranch Hand, and one with a fabric Dri-Lex sweatband, which is the Cross Tie. Some people like the leather sweat bands and some people prefer the Dri-Lex fabric sweat band, which I compare to a flex fit cowboy hat. I like them both. The cool thing about these hats is it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to have them creased up and ready to go right out of the box. I am very particular about the way my hat looks. There are two different colors in each style. There is your traditional white. And then you have a darker two tone tan and white color. Right now my go to is the Corss Tie 55 which is the darker colored one. I’ve worn it all summer long. I have 5 hats right now in my trailer and I alway put on that one.

Since I love this hat so much I am going to give one away! All you have to do is comment below with your hat size and your instantly entered into the drawing to win an STS Ranch Straw Hat for yourself! Winner will be picked one week from today on August 31. GOOD LUCK

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