Summer Beach Waves Tutorial

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I am so excited to have my first guest blogger on! Traveling from rodeo to rodeo you meet so many new people and make so many great friends along the way. On the rodeo road I befriended an amazing hair stylist, Emily Dobbs,  from Reno, NV who would cut my hair along with Stran and the kids whenever we were in Reno. Over the years Emily and I became good friends and I came to know her amazing talent for hair. She has worked with me at the NFR as well as on our photoshoots for STS Ranchwear. Her amazing hair skills sparked the idea to have her share some on the go hair styles with us. Im excited to see what creative, easy hair tips she is going to share!


Emily currently resides in Decatur, Alabama with her husband and son. She works at Braswell Hair Skin and Body in Decatur. She has been doing hair for as long as she can remember, styling her friends forIMG_2141 dances and formals and other various occasions. Professionally she has been behind the chair since 2003. When I asked what she loves most about doing hair was, she said she loves helping people feel good about themselves. It’s the look on her guests faces when they feel as beautiful, or punk rocker, or fashionista on the outside as they do on the inside. She loves the technical side of hair cutting and the creative side of coloring. The chemistry of it all fascinates her. Emily’s favorite thing to do behind the chair is hair painting, blowouts, brushed waves, and creating bombshell blondes. It’s even better when she gets a guest that is open to some funk. She loves all her average and beautiful clients, as she says “they are her bread and bacon”, but when she gets to express herself through hair its a high she can live on for weeks!


For the first of hopefully many hair tutorials Emily is walking us through an easy, on the go, summer look. These summer beach waves can be achieved without a curling iron, curling wand, or round brush. It’s only a couple easy steps to achieve this look! Its also a great base to do many other hair styles, especially if you fall victim to limp hair that doesn’t like to hold any style!

DIY Summer Beach Waves

Begin with dry hair. Clean or “dirty” is not overly important.
Step One: Comb through hair to get any tangles out and prep the hair.
Step Two: Section your hair around your face in triangle like sections directed towards your parting. Begin twisting until you have a tight spiral section. Continue twisting until the hair begins to wrap in a tight knot. This is called a “Zulu Knot.”
Step Three: Place a bobby pin or pin curl clip at base of the knot. Make sure that you have as little hair as possible left out of your Zulu Knot.
Step Four: Continue taking sections around the head and repeat steps Two and Three.
Step Five: Place your flat iron around each Zulu Knot and hold tight until hair is warm to the touch. About 15 seconds depending on your iron. Do this to each knot.
Here is the really important part!! 
Step Six:LET HAIR COOL COMPLETELY. Cold to the touch! Take this time to put your makeup on, brush your teeth, feed your child etc.
Step Seven: Remove pins from head, and comb through your hair with your fingers.
Step Eight: Spray a light hold hair spray and GO!
If you desire a more polished look, you may add a pomade to the last step.
Remember, this is a fun, fast, summer do. Have fun with it, don’t over think it and enjoy!!
I LOVE this and hope you all do too! Thank you Emily!! Can’t wait for the next one!




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