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I am so proud to introduce you to one of my favorite jewelry designers.  I first saw MyGodTags® at one of the National Finals Rodeo Gift Shows and was so drawn to not only the quality, but the rustic and truly artistic interpretation of faith.  My niece, Shada gave me my first set on a chain, and I have been wearing Shandon Camarillo’s jewelry ever since.

Visible Faith Collection® and MyGodTags® was started in Llano Texas in September of 2006. It was started by Shandon Camarillo-Whitson, a working mom who at the time had a landscaping and nursery company. With the birth of her second child and losing the lease on her retail nursery location, Shandon felt as though God was trying to send her a message and lead her on a different path. Shandon always had an artistic nature, but never wanted to be a starving artist. Her affinity for art led her to start her company MyGodTags®. The name came to her one day while she was talking to the Lord about where she should go in her career path and that is what he spoke to her. At the time very few people were doing hand stamping on metals and she had a vision of doing military style dog tags in sterling with a scripture and symbol on them. Then she could do a second tag that was personalized. After selling their landscaping and nursery business Shandon attended a 4 day school to learn how to cast and started making the tags.

A year into MyGodTags® Shandon wanted to add an additional line that would compliment the company so she began the Visible Faith Collection ®. This line would have rings, bracelets, pendents, necklaces, and earrings. Most of her inspiration behind the visible faith jewelry designs comes from reading the bible or listening to music. Shandon will read or hear words that she likes and will translate that verse of scripture or song into a design. Sometimes she starts making pieces not knowing what they will end up as. The Spirit will lead her to a great connection between the piece and the story that can go with it. There are so many amazing pieces of jewelry in both the MyGodTags® and Visible Faith Collection® that when I asked Shandon what her favorite piece was it was hard for her to choose. There is a meaning and a story behind each piece that it makes them all special. When it comes down to it Shandon likes certain pieces just from the way they look. She loves the big stacking rings that she did in the “Always” series, but also loves the “Mama Cried” Earrings. They are a large tear drop that have three crosses in bottom. They are Mary’s teardrops reflecting Calvary and the back has the scripture referring to a prophesy that was spoken over her by Simeon when she was pregnant with Jesus (Luke 2:35), which stated, ” A sword will pierce through your own soul also…”.

I am a HUGE fan of MyGodTags® and Visible Faith Collection®. There is never a day where I’m not wearing a piece of Shandon’s jewelry. There is so much meaning behind every piece. It so amazing to show your faith and the love for God with gorgeous jewelry. Below are some of my personal pieces along with some of my favorite pieces from the new spring line!

Stran with Protein (78 of 179)


Stran with Protein (88 of 179)


Spring 2015 Favorite Pieces

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  • Kelli F says:

    I also saw Visible Faith at the NFR trade show and loved their items. I didn’t buy anything that year, so many pieces I just couldn’t decide. That following year I got my first piece and now have too many to count. I always get compliments when I have it on and like you I always seem to have a piece on. Great reading your article about them.

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