Journaling- Keeping up with Meals and Workouts

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If there is one thing that I can say keeps me on track and motivated in my fitness routine, it is keeping a journal or a calender.  I can’t tell you how many times I go back and look at my calender to see what I did or DIDN’T in the past. Weight loss programs across the country promote journaling in your meal planning and your calorie intake. I just encourage you to find your own routine in journaling and stick with it.   It doesn’t take long and it is worth it in the long run.  Keep it close to where you work out and write in it as soon as you are finished.

For me:

  1. It helps me keep track of my weight training plan, so I don’t overwork or forget a body part.
  2. I love to look back and see what I have accomplished.
  3. It helps motivate me, because I sure don’t wanna leave a blank space where I did NOTHING that day.  Make me madder than fire when I get sick and leave a blank space on those days.

If you look on Pinterest, there are many free printable calenders.  I really like this one from The Project Girl (

Erin Condren ( has a great Wellness Journal that I have used too.

TheProjectGirl Workout Calender


The best system for me is just a basic white desk calender from anywhere.  I keep it in our gym and I just take a minute to log what I did that day! CHECK! DONE!

These are your notes. Be honest with yourself. Motivate Yourself.  Be able to look back and see what works and what doesn’t.

I took a snapshot of Stran’s calendar and his motivation. He always says “The legs feed the wolf. If you don’t know what that means, you most likely have weak legs!” 😉


Remember it’s ONE workout at a time, ONE meal at a time, ONE day at a time.  But when you look back and see a FULL calender, and then look in the mirror… Whoo Hoo!



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