Happy Heavenly Father's Day

Happy Heavenly Father's Day

This will be the first Father’s Day, I will celebrate without my Daddy.  Dad passed on January 6th, but our family has been slowly losing him for the past 3 years to Frontal Temporal Dementia.  Diagnosed in his mid-50’s, we started this journey so much sooner than we ever anticipated.  It’s something no one can prepare you to manage and deal with emotionally.  


Dad was always our rock.  He was such a strong influence in my life. He selflessly cared for us in every way.  He was a true servant leader, never wanting the spotlight, but would do anything in his power to help us reach our goals.  He didn’t tell me how to live.  He showed me.  He is a BRILLIANT man both analytically as an engineer and creatively as an artist.  Our rock was losing his vocabulary, forgetting how to tell time, and even forgetting how to draw.


Many don’t know this, but he was actually one of the first secret weapons at STS Ranchwear.  He drew many of the original designs and patterns for me and I leaned on him for his expert artistic eye. He is where I got my artistic eye and love for all things western/cowboy.  Selah inherited his true artistic talents.  I am so grateful I had a dad who taught me by his example what I wanted in a husband.  More importantly by being the father he was, he showed me the way our heavenly Father (God, the Father) loves each and every one of us.  That is an invaluable gift I will cherish always.


Happy Heavenly Father’s Day, Daddy.


Love Always,




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