At 1930 Remnant, our roots run deep. Conceived from a promise found in 2 Kings 19:30-31, we embody the spirit of ranchers and cowboys, embracing the notion that those who take root will rise up and bear fruit throughout time and across generations. Our brand, standing as a legacy of the enduring grit of the frontier, echoes this promise.

Our story begins with the bold journey of Will T Smith (Papa), who in 1930 hopped a train to California looking for day labor. Amidst unforeseen encounters with outlaws and renegades, Papa discovered a divine confirmation - his destiny Iay, not in the hands of others, but in being his own boss. With newfound conviction, he rode the rails back to Texas and committed his life to building the Lazy S Ranch in Tell, Texas.

As remnants and inheritors of Papa's depth of spirit and unrelenting determination, we stand resilient and unwavering, like the land that gave him strength and inspiration.

Our mission echoes his determination: to nurture and cultivate success for those who share the frontier spirit. Join us on this journey as we honor Papa's legacy, embracing the challenges of today, and carving a path toward a future full of opportunity, mirroring the resilience of the Lazy S Ranch.